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SCM_702 Digital Signal Processing

  • Discrete time signals and Systems; 
  • Sampling of continuous time signals;  
  • Computation of discrete Fourier transform; 
  • Examples of Digital Signal Processing (DSP)-based subsystems for Satellite Communications)
  • Laboratory exercises/tutorial (MATLAB-based exercises)

SCM_707 Applications and Trends in Satellite Communication

  • Satellite Communications services; 
  • Selection from Satellite Communications applications; 
  • Disaster management using Satellite Communications; 
  • Search and rescue system;
  • Future of Satellite Systems;
  •  Laboratory experiments and demonstrations (Selected hardware experiments using existing facilities and end-user equipment and system demonstrations).


SCM_705 Transmission, Multiplexing and Multiple Access

  • Analog and digital modulation techniques; 
  • Forward-error correction coding; 
  • Multiplexing/De-multiplexing
  • Spread-spectrum techniques; 
  • Multiple access techniques
  • Laboratory experiments (MATLAB simulations; Hardware experiments)

SCM_710 Satellite Communication for Development, Education Training

  • An overview of Satellite Communications for development, education and training 
  • Regional experiment with: Hardware, Software, Social research; Local broadcasting (TV, radio, cable network); Planning for Satellite Communications for development; 
  • Satellite Technology for development, education and training; 
  • Operational, technological and legal issues in trans-border channels for development; 
  • Teleconferencing experiences of users for rural development; Disaster management)
  • Demonstrations with existing systems

SCM_709 Network Planning/Management/Operation Issues of Satellite Communication Systems

  • Technical considerations for network planning;
  • Network operations and control; 
  • Management of Communication Satellite operations;  
  • Financial aspects of satellite communication ;
  • Summary of satellite evolution and costs.

SCM_708 Operational Communication Satellite Systems

Overview of Operational Communications Satellite Systems; 

Selection from operational communications satellite systems: 

International Regulations

SCM_706 Broadcasting using Communication Satellite

  • Analog and digital broadcasting system standards
  • Digital television
  • Satellite TV and access systems
  • Internet Protocol (IP) broadcasting
  • Laboratory experiments and demonstration (Practical experiments with TV and IP terminals)

SCM_703 Satellite Communication System

  • Introduction to Satellite Communications: Satellite orbits (Parking orbits); 
  • Space Environment; 
  • Satellite Communications links; 
  • Frequency bands for Satellite Communications; 
  • Propagation effects on Satellite Communication links). 
  • Digital Satellite Communications, 
  • Maritime Satellite Communications.
  • Experiments and demonstrations:  
  • Visits to Laboratories

SCM_704 Earth Station Technology

Overview of Satellite Communications Earth station; Technology of Earth Station Subsystems; Earth Station design and fabrication considerations; Earth Station standards

SCM_701 Communication Systems

This Course introduces students to the Principles of communications and networking (telecommunications overview; Principles of information theory; etc